Tempo Traveller service with Naruka

History of Tempo Traveller

Tempo traveller was first developed and used by Mercedes Benz for small business trips. Since then many companies and tour agencies have adapted the much reliable tempo traveller service for business related as well as family trips. Though there are several small and established travel and tour agencies that provide dependable and best tempo traveller in Delhi, one such trusted brand name is Narukar Travels, based in Delhi since 2001. This is a well-known tempo traveller and car rental service provides that provide affordable Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi NCR, along with economical tour packages. Tempo Traveller Service


Some common features of tempo traveller service

Though there are many variants of Best Tempo Traveller in Delhi available, in terms of number of seats, a/c availability, etc. There are some common features that make this mode of transport a favorite among travelers of all age group. Some of these are:

  1. First two seats of all tempo traveller hire in Delhi NCR are reserved for driver and cleaner
  2. All travelers have 1*1 seats and some gap in between for easy moving around the tempo traveller
  3. All seats come with latest push back technology that can be used for sleep purpose as well
  4. Last two seats have sofa facility for sleeping purpose if required

Naruka travels offer tempo travelers at most economical rates for outstation tours to different locations. To add the comfort level, there are options for 7 seater tempo traveller, a 9 seater tempo traveller, 12 seater tempo traveller as well as tempo traveller with 15 seats is also available that too with the facility of bed. In case small children or aged person is traveling, this facility offers utmost comfort and the feeling of a luxury travel. The vehicles or tempo travelers provided by Naruka travels have following features:


  1. 08 fully reclining seats, all with latest push back technology for added comfort and sleep purpose
  2. Relaxed semi high back seats
  3. Individual seat belts for security purpose based on availability
  4. Extra spacious and comfy seats
  5. Leg space in between the seats is abundant so that the long journeys are not tiring
  6. There is a/c and non-a/c variant available as per the requirement

Naruka Travels, headed by Mr. Surender Singh Naruka, Director, is functioning at G.T.K Road in Delhi since 2001. Being located at a prime location, the company is accessible and visited by business associates and families equally. Ever one has different requirements and expectations from a tempo traveller, and the company ensures to offer

12 And 17 Seater Tempo traveller for luxury Travel

Several tour and travel firms offer Tempo Traveller on Hire for outstation in Delhi. The price range varies according to the number of seats in tempo traveller, distance or kilometer traveled etc. Naruka Travels provide most budget friendly tempo traveller and car rentals for outstation holidays. There is availability for 17-seater tempo traveller hire in Delhi, small 7-seater and 9-seater tempo traveller, as well as 12-seater tempo traveller with bed facility for an added comfort factor.


17- seater tempo traveller hire in Delhi

If you are traveling with a large joint family or out on a full team or business trip, a comfortable as well as luxurious 17- seater tempo traveller will be best suited for you. There is option available for both a/c and non-a/c variants which comes with music facility as well for entertainment purpose. The seats are reclining integrated with push back technology. They are utterly spacious and comfortable. On demand, this tempo traveller comes with facility of bed as well. Abundant leg space between seats is another feature that these highly luxurious travelers are known for.

12-seater tempo traveller with bed

Nothing is more comfortable that a fully comfortable and entertaining journey, and to add a feather to cap, if it comes with bed to relax, it’s a big thing. Naruka travels offer the facility of bed in a 12-seater tempo traveller, which can be used for rest during the journey.

Naruka travels are a Delhi based tour and travel service provider, which offers budget friendly tour packages in easy tempo traveller and car rentals. Be it an enjoyable family trip to Chandigarh, Agra etc. or a official business trip, Naruka is a one stop destination for all your travel needs. They deal with luxurious tempo travelers and different car rentals. Integrated with push back technologies, the seats in tempo travelers are highly comfortable and come with individual seat belts for safety concerns. During the entire journey, the customers can contact the driver for any issues and it will be resolved in no time. With all these services, Naruka is among the top travel firm to offer Tempo Traveller on Hire For Outstation in Delhi.

Tempo Traveller for fun visits

Whenever you are about to travel from one place to another, the first thing that bothers you is mode of transportation. Many a times, a cab is too small to accommodate your joint family, or maybe sometime a cab is not available and you have to go for a big van for a nuclear family. There is one such name in travel domain that understands the requirement of its client and provides Best tempo Traveller in Delhi NCR- Naruka travels. The company was established in 2011 at G.T.K road, Delhi and today is one of the best travel company to hire tempo Traveller in Delhi NCR.  They also provides car rentals and Tempo Traveller in Delhi NCR with most economical tour package services.


A tempo traveler is mostly used for small family visit or a business purpose trip. According to the requirement Naruka travels provides Best tempo Traveller with almost every kind of requirements including comfortable seats, a/c, music systems and many more. If you wish to Hire Tempo Traveller in Delhi NCR, then Naruka travels is the most trusted name. Different types of tempo travelers are available like 9-seater tempo Traveller, 11-seater tempo Traveller, and 12-seater luxury tempo Traveller.

Firstly developed by Mercedes Benz, tempo Traveller is used by business group or small families for a hassle free and luxurious travel. Irrespective of number of seats, tempo Traveller in Delhi NCR by Naruka travels, comes with sofa in last two seats, which can be used for rest or sleep during the journey. Every tempo Traveller has first two seats reserved for drivers and cleaners and the travelers can use the rest. All luxurious Travellers have 1*1 seats and sufficient gap for passage. There are several facilities available including the following:

  1. Comfortable seats with latest push back technologies
  2. A/c or non a/c cabs are available

      3.Fully reclining seats

  1. Individual seat belts as per availability
  2. Abundant leg space facility for extra comfort
  3. Music for entertainment purpose

The journey is made extra comfortable and entertaining with Naruka Tour and Travels, who are a reliable and trusted name in travel domain.

Tempo Travelers in Delhi | http://www.narukatravels.com

Commitment to quality is one such important trait that we all look for in any kind of business. This is also applicable in case of travel agencies. To deliver best quality service on time is very important for a reliable and safe journey. Naruka travels offers one of the best Tempo Traveler in Delhi with every necessary facility for a memorable family vacation and above all tempo Traveler on best rent in Delhi.


Best Tempo Traveller

Mercedes Benz first introduced a tempo Traveler, for small family trip or a business tour. Soon after its launch, other companies also used it for small trips. With time, it became one of the most sought after mode of transport for travel purpose. As per the requirement of the trip, there are many types of tempo Traveler available. Naruka Travels also provides luxury Traveler including 12 Seater Tempo Traveler with bed.


Basic architecture of every tempo Traveler, irrespective of number of seats is same. First two seats in every tempo Traveler is reserved for driver and cleaner. Rest of the seats are for travelers. A best tempo Traveler in Delhi has 1*1 seats and some area gap for the purpose of moving. At the back, there are 4 seats available. These last seats are used to discuss some sort of issues related to Traveler or journey, or they can be used for any other purpose as well. Naruka travels have luxury Tempo Traveler on Best Rent in Delhi, with options for number of seats required. There is 7 Seater tempo Traveler, 9 Seater tempo Traveler, Traveler with 12 and 15 seats as well, all with latest push back technology for maximum comfort throughout the trip.

A deluxe 12 Seater tempo Traveler with bed comes with all basic amenities to make the journey a memorable one. This includes 8 fully reclining seats with latest push back technology, there is seat belt per person for additional safety purpose, abundant leg space for maximum comfort, seats are also spacious and comfortable, both a/c and non a/c variants are available as per the requirement, relaxed semi back high seats and music for entertainment. Traveling with kids or elders especially on long tiring journeys is a tedious task often, but with these 12 Seater tempo Traveler, it is very much safe and comfortable. One of the Best Tempo Traveler in Delhi provider, Naruka Travels are the most reliable travel group when it comes to long and memorable outstation trips.

Tempo Traveler on Hire in Delhi

India offers a beautiful plethora of different cultures and traditions in every part of the country. There is subdivision of traditions and vast cultural variants in different states of India as well. Delhi being the heart of the city, and yes the capital city has a special place when diversity is being talked about. There are people from different parts of India, who came down to Delhi in search of a living. This makes the place a most sort after destination for tourists as well. Tour and Travels in Delhi is exciting every time you visit the place.


There are different places to visit; multitude of shops in supermarkets as well as on streets, and the mind blowing street food is the talk of the town. There are many tour and travel companies, the registered one in Delhi, and among them is Naruka Travels. Tour and Travels in Delhi, is a flourishing business industry here as well, owing to the fact that tourist fly over the place in large number every year.

 These travel companies have different options of cabs depending on the route, number of members in the family, a/c and non-a/c and many more. Tempo Rraveller is one of the most widely accepted forms of travel when you are part of a joint family and want luxury as well comfort while traveling. Tempo Traveler on Hire for Outstation in Delhi is available on rent for various places including the likes of Manali, Shimla, Goa, Srinagar, char dham Yatra and many. Tempo Traveler on hire for outstation in Delhi is being looked for comfort factor as well. There are different seat options available, including 12 seater tempo Traveler with bed.

There are outstation tour packages, which includes tempo Traveler with push back seats for comfort. There are various kinds of facilities available in 12 Seater tempo Traveler with bed, including the push back technology. Other amenities include very comfortable seats, a/c, music system for entertainment purpose and much more. There is a facility of sofa in the last two seats, which can be used in between the journey to rest or sleep comfortably.

 Tempo Traveler, no doubt is one of the most luxurious as well as comfortable travel option especially for long distance journeys. They were first developed by Mercedes Benz, for small business trip and leisure travels. The first two seats in Tempo Traveler on hire for outstation in Delhi, is reserved for driver and cleaner, and the rest for customers. Any issue in between the travel related to services can be discussed and it is resolved in no time.

Services Offered by Tempo Traveller Agencies in Delhi

Tempo travellers are the most available transport for you when you are visiting Delhi. Many tempo traveller agencies offer you a number of interesting packages to grab your attention towards them. Tempo travellers are the one and only choice when you are travelling with friends and family members because it provides you numerous sitting arrangements. If you want a Tempo traveller on best rent in Delhi then go with the familiar agencies.


Services by tempo traveller agencies

Many tempo traveller agencies recommend you some attractive offers. Offers by tempo traveller agencies are listed below:

Various numbers of sitting arrangements

The best thing about tempo traveller is its sitting arrangement. A Tempo traveller gives you the option to choose a car as per your sitting requirement. If you have 12 members with children then you can choose a 12 seater tempo traveller with bed.

You can book it authentically

Good tempo traveller agencies always provide you all the documents and hand over you a proper contract paper at the starting point of your journey.

Comes with different charges

They offer you different charges with different sitting arrangements. If you hire a 15 seater tempo traveller in Delhi you will charge more than a 12 seater tempo traveller.


More money with more comfort

If you want more comfort then they will offer you an exclusive trip on a tempo traveller.  You can pick an AC Mercedes-Benz tempo traveler with washroom and also a tempo traveller with bed for more consoles.

Comes with tour packages

For a hassle free travel pick the best option from the packages offered by them. Where ever you want to go and what will be the route, they can predefine you the accurate track and include your preferable places in their packages too.

 Get high-class service from 17 seater tempo traveler hire in Delhi. When you book a tempo traveler in Delhi, you can relish many other facilities offered by the popular companies. To know more about our services click here – www.narukatravels.com/contactus.php

Enjoy a Hassle Free Trip With Tempo Traveler

Are you ready for a safe and memorable journey with your family and friends? Then a tempo traveler is a good choice for you. While you are traveling to north India, you can book a tempo traveller on hire for outstation in Delhi . Tempo traveller is generally used for a long distance family tour or a business tour. The sitting capacity varies from 12 to thirty sitting arrangements. Delhi should be your center point when you start your UP trip. You will find many beautiful places near from Delhi. You should book a tempo traveller for your trip to Chardham, Haridwar, Vrindavan and Agra, Jaipur or Chandigarh.


Go for your requirement

When you book a tempo go as per your requirement. There are many sitting options are available for you, you can select the tempo according to numbers of your team. That can be a 12 to 30 seated car. If you need an AC tempo traveler, then go for it otherwise, you can choose a regular one.


Luxurious Travel

If you expect a luxurious and expensive UP tour then book a luxury tempo traveller in Delhi for a peaceful and comfortable journey. You can choose a Mercedes-Benz with washroom and another facility.

Book from Reliable Source

While you are traveling don’t trust anyone who is completely unknown to you. So when you go for tempo traveller on rent in Delhi NCR always check out the reliability whether you book it online or book it from any agencies. Check all the legal documents and make a proper contract paper. See the driving license of your driver also.


Go With the Brand

When you book a tempo traveler, book it from a renowned company or brand.

Take a Bill

When you are booking a tempo traveler clear all the money matters at the first stage to avoid any further miss communication and take a bill with the stamp.

You can choose the best tempo traveller in Delhi by following those tips. For a smooth, hassle free and enjoyable holiday tempo traveler is the best choice. To know more about our services click here – http://www.narukatravels.com/contactus.php