Do you Wish To Hire a Tempo Traveler

Delhi, the national capital of India is being identified as the central destination, which can be accessed from various remote locations in India. It is thus being promoted as the tourist’s favorite destination to visit various hill stations and historical places in the neighboring states. For that matter, Tours and Travels in Delhi/NCR is flourishing at a rapid pace, to offer the most demanding on road support, towards various tourist destinations.


Accordingly, the Tempo Traveler Services can be hired with various customized packages and variants; as per the choice and the requirement. The variables that are being intended for this purpose are:

9 Seater Tempo Traveler in Delhi

If you are looking for the most comfortable and distant journey, with your entire family and friends; then 9 seater tempo travelers can be the most obvious choice. It is equipped with some of the luxurious amenities, such as music system and LCD screen, so that the tourists can enjoy their journey with movies and songs. It also has been facilitated with easy, comfortable chairs with ample leg space and a room to walk around. It can be hired for nearby places, like Delhi to Manali ; a popular ‘must visit’ destination.

12 Seater Tempo Traveler in Delhi

If you have a bigger family with kids and don’t want to compromise for a luxurious travel experience, you can go for a bigger option that is 12 seater tempo travelers. It has 12 seats, more leg room, music system and LCD with AC.

15 Seater Tempo Traveler in Delhi

For bigger groups and corporate tours, generally 15 seaters are being chosen, with ultimate luxury and comfort. Ample leg room, more walk around space, music, videos and a perfect ‘me time’ for your travel; this all you can expect from this bigger vehicle.

Accordingly, various Tours and Travels in Delhi have been established but few are being acknowledged for the safety and reliability. For that matter, tourists have been requested to be very choosy, while deciding their perfect travel partner; who can provide the best of services with highest quality and experience. A professional tour operator can offer convenience coupled with the leisure, which can be customized according to the budget and preferences. At any point of time, tourist’s safety and reliability should never be compromised. A highly experienced staff, skilled drivers and trusted supportive staff should be the mandate in choosing your co-traveler.

Thus, by choosing the best tempo travelers in Delhi; you can be rest assured for the great and memorable tour experience.


Best Tempo Traveller – Narukatravels

Naruka Travels is a well-established and highly professional travel and tour firm, which is into service for many years from now. The firm is into the business of providing highly reliable and safe Tempo Traveller in Delhi, for luxury travel across the country. There are various options for tempo travelers and cab rentals available with Naruka. They even provide the best of tempo traveller with bed, for extra comfort and safety. Overall, the company has redefined the meaning of luxury travel in a budget friendly manner. They are one of the best service providers that offers tempo traveller on best rent in Delhi. Its director, Mr. Surender Singh Naruka, helms the company efficiently. Quality comes above quantity for this travel and tour operator. Naruka tours and travels manufacture a wide variety of coachbuilders. The company was established in 2001 at G.T.K road in Delhi. Owing to its location, the company has been a number one choice for many businesses travels as well. Variety of tempo travelers are available with Naruka like 7 seater tempo travelers, 9 seater, 12 seater as well as 15 seater tempo travelers which offers safe and luxury travel to in Delhi as well as other tour destinations.


Tempo traveller in Delhi is the best option for traveling for business trips as well as recreational tours. Motor giant Mercedes Benz for small business trips first designed these tempo travelers. Later various companies followed the trend as well. The basic architecture of this Tempo Traveller on Best Rent in Delhi is same. First two seats of every Tempo traveller with bed are reserved for driver and cleaner and travelers can occupy the rest seats. All tempo travelers have 1*1 seats and some are gap in between for movement. The last four seats can be used to lie down or to discuss any travel related concerns with the driver or cleaner. The seats of travelers at Naruka come with latest push back technologies in order to add extra comfort to the travelers. Naruka is the primary choice for reliable, safe and cost effective outstation tours.

The luxury Tempo Traveller in Delhi comes with following facilities:

  1. Fully reclining seats with latest push back technologies
  2. Relaxed semi back high seats
  3. As per availability, individual seat belts are provided for add on safety
  4. Abundant leg space for relaxed traveling
  5. Both a/c and non-a/c variants of tempo travelers are available as per client requirement

Tour and Travels in Delhi NCR

Be it a business trip or a family vacation, while engaging in a tour it is very essential to depend on a reliable tour and travel firm. Safety is of great concern for everyone before planning a trip. Therefore there are certain things that need to be calculated before heading towards a final travel firm. A big established name in the travel domain is Naruka Travels, which has been offering highly reliable and trustworthy Tempo traveller on best rent in Delhi. The company is into service since 2001 and so far has provided best travel experience to corporate sectors as well as leisure trips. Safety is also an important factor for Tempo Traveller in Delhi. To ensure this, Naruka has tempo travelers that come with individual seat belts for extra safety. Naruka tour and travels manufacturers a wide variety of coachbuilders, which is the unique feature for any other travel and tour company. There are several tailor made tour packages to several destinations like Manali, Katra among others. One of the high in demand travel vehicle is 12-seater tempo traveller with bed that offers luxury travel with extra comfort of bed. This is suitable especially for children and aged.

History of Tempo Traveller

Tempo travelers were first developed and used by Mercedes Benz, which is a named company in the field of automobiles. They started using these vehicles for small business trips or family trips. Owing to its immense popularity and features, other companies adapted them very soon. As a result today, tempo travelers are the preferred choice for travel in station and outstation.

Facilities available in a 12-seater tempo traveller with bed includes the following that makes Naruka travels the best provider of Tempo Traveller in Delhi:

  1. There are 08 fully reclining seats
  2. All seats come with latest push back technology for that extra comfort feature
  3. Relaxed semi back high seats with abundant space to relax
  4. Individual seat belts for safety based on availability
  5. There is option for a/c and non-a/c tempo travelers as per the requirement
  6. Abundant leg space

The company has redefined the meaning of luxury travel with its reliable tempo traveller service at reasonable price packages. They provides extremely best and safe Tempo Traveller on Best Rent in Delhi. Based on requirement, location and number of traveller, Naruka Travels have option for 7 seater tempo travelers, 9 seater tempo travelers, 12 seater tempo travelers as well as extra luxurious 15 seater tempo travelers with bed. Going by the data so far, in no time Naruka will be the leading travel and tour provider in Delhi.

Tour and Travels in Delhi – Narukatravels

Before planning a trip, it is very important to decide upon the type of vehicle for the requirement. This can be a cab, or may be a tempo traveller, which is in high demand these days. One can Hire Tempo Traveller in Delhi NCR at a very reasonable and budget friendly price, which can be afforded by a normal family.

Naruka Travels is a well-known tour and travel firm, incorporated in the city of Delhi and providing safe travel experience since last 10 years. They provide luxurious and reliable tempo traveller hire in Delhi NCR for all type of travel- be it business trip or small family vacation.

Naruka Tour and Travel company is into the business of providing ideal tailor made tour packages as well as cab rentals since last 10 years. The company is being lead by Mr. Surender Singh Naruka, who is the director of the firm. He has a vast experience in running the company as well as handling an efficient team here. The company manufactures a wide variety of coachbuilders, which is a unique feature in travel companies. The motto is to provide reliable service to the customer so that they can return back with smiling faces.

To hire tempo traveller in Delhi NCR, one thing to keep in mind is the issue of safety. A journey must be economical as well as safe in order to be reliable. To add on safety, Naruka offers fully safe travel experience with individual safety belts as well based on availability. There are other leisure options available inside the tempo traveller, which will enhance the fun of the entire trip.

There is availability of music system for relaxation. Some tempo traveller also comes along with a bed option so that one can lay down and relax. There is a sofa available in the last two seats of a tempo traveller, which can be used for sleeping purpose or to discuss any sort of travel related issues with the driver.

Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi NCR is a tedious task, especially when there are multiple firms today providing cost effective travel itinerary. The features of tempo traveller or cab with Naruka are unmatched and the staff ensures that the travelers are given utmost safety during the entire journey. The features incorporated in a tempo traveller by Naruka includes the following:

  1. The seats are highly comfortable with proper area in between for movement
  2. Leg space is abundant for relaxation
  3. Reclining and relaxed semi back high seats
  4. As per requirement, one can chose from a/c or non-a/c variant
  5. Based on availability, individual seat belts are provided for add on safety

Tempo Traveller on Hire For Outstation in Delhi

Tempo travelers have raised the number of Tour and Travels in Delhi. Many small family groups as well as business companies are hiring the service of these tempo travelers for easy and comfortable outstation travels. Naruka tour and travels is an established tour operator firm that functions from the capital city of Delhi. It is into this domain since last 10 years and has offered quality and safe travel opportunities to all kind of occasions, be it small family trips or a business trip. Apart from these reliable tempo travelers, the firm also has economical car rentals for outstation tours. There are varieties of tempo travelers that are available with Naruka Travels. These includes the much in demand 15 seater tempo traveller in Delhi, which offers luxurious and spacious 15 seats for comfortable traveling. Apart from this, the firm also provides safe and economical 17-seater tempo traveller hire in Delhi. Mr. Surender Singh Naruka heads this firm, who himself is a technical expert in this same domain. The team at Naruka is also competent enough to adjust every kind of situation in order to provide a safe journey.


Naruka is one of the most trustworthy firm that offers safe and budget friendly tour and travels in Delhi. They are pioneer providers of luxury traveling and that too in an economical manner. The history of tempo traveller is not much long; rather motor giant Mercedes Benz that used these vehicles for small business trips first brought it into action. Later, many other companies followed the trend. Later it was used for family vacations as well. The tempo travelers at Naruka are super luxurious with both a/c and non-a/c variants available as per the requirement. There is an inbuilt music system available for recreational purpose. One can relax on spacious seats as well as lay down on sofa in some tempo travelers. 15-Seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi offers some of the beat features that are listed below:

    1. 08 fully reclining seats
    2. The seats are relaxed semi back high seats
    3. As per the availability, individual seat belts are provided
    4. The seats are extra spacious and comfortable with adequate moving space in between
    5. Leg space is abundant
    6. Both a/c and non-a/c variants are available.

Naruka tours and travels provide 17-Seater Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi. They are well suited for comfortable outstation trips when family size a bit large. Some of the tempo travelers even come with the facility of bed, so that one can lie down and relax for that comfortable traveling experience.

Tempo Traveller For Rent at Economical Price

Naruka Travels is a full-fledged our and travel company, located in the heart of the city of Delhi. The company has been able to deliver excellent services from last 10 years and has garnered appreciation from business organizations as well as families. They offer services of Best Tempo Traveller for Delhi and outstation tours as well. The company has the reputation of being the most trusted and reliable name in providing Tempo Traveller service to its customers at the most economical and budget friendly manner. They are one of those companies that offer comfortable as well as luxurious 15-seater tempo traveller in DelhiThe company also provides some tailor made outstation tour packages at reasonable price as per the requirement. Be it a small family, a big family, or a business related trip, Naruka make sure to arrange the best available tempo traveller. As per the requirement, variants of tempo travelers are available as follows:


  1. 7-seater tempo traveller
  2. 9-seater tempo traveller
  3. 12-seater tempo traveller
  4. 15-seater tempo traveller

Tempo traveller came into existence, when Mercedes Benz first introduced it. Later, the trend was followed by other companies, which began to avail the facilities of best tempo traveller for small business trips. Following which it was used for family trips as well. The company to add on luxury and safety to the entire trip is providing following facilities to 15 Seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi:

  1. Eight full reclining extra comfortable seats
  2. Relaxed semi back high seats that add on to comfort factor
  3. Abundant leg space in between the seats
  4. As per availability, individual seat belts are provided
  5. Both a/c and non-a/c variants of tempo traveller are available based on demand.

To avail tempo traveller service by Naruka Travels, one just needs to decide on the travel destination.

Naruka Travels is located at G.T.K road, Delhi which being a prime location, is often visited by different categories of people. Owing to this factor, this high rated travel and tour company is touted as one of the best Tempo Traveller Service provider in Delhi. They not only offer cheap tour packages and easy car and tempo travelers for rent, but also ensure complete safety of its passengers throughout the journey. There are infact 4 seats at the back of the tempo traveller, where travelers can discuss any sort of trip related issues or concerns to the driver or cleaner or among themselves.

Tempo Traveller service with Naruka

History of Tempo Traveller

Tempo traveller was first developed and used by Mercedes Benz for small business trips. Since then many companies and tour agencies have adapted the much reliable tempo traveller service for business related as well as family trips. Though there are several small and established travel and tour agencies that provide dependable and best tempo traveller in Delhi, one such trusted brand name is Narukar Travels, based in Delhi since 2001. This is a well-known tempo traveller and car rental service provides that provide affordable Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi NCR, along with economical tour packages. Tempo Traveller Service


Some common features of tempo traveller service

Though there are many variants of Best Tempo Traveller in Delhi available, in terms of number of seats, a/c availability, etc. There are some common features that make this mode of transport a favorite among travelers of all age group. Some of these are:

  1. First two seats of all tempo traveller hire in Delhi NCR are reserved for driver and cleaner
  2. All travelers have 1*1 seats and some gap in between for easy moving around the tempo traveller
  3. All seats come with latest push back technology that can be used for sleep purpose as well
  4. Last two seats have sofa facility for sleeping purpose if required

Naruka travels offer tempo travelers at most economical rates for outstation tours to different locations. To add the comfort level, there are options for 7 seater tempo traveller, a 9 seater tempo traveller, 12 seater tempo traveller as well as tempo traveller with 15 seats is also available that too with the facility of bed. In case small children or aged person is traveling, this facility offers utmost comfort and the feeling of a luxury travel. The vehicles or tempo travelers provided by Naruka travels have following features:


  1. 08 fully reclining seats, all with latest push back technology for added comfort and sleep purpose
  2. Relaxed semi high back seats
  3. Individual seat belts for security purpose based on availability
  4. Extra spacious and comfy seats
  5. Leg space in between the seats is abundant so that the long journeys are not tiring
  6. There is a/c and non-a/c variant available as per the requirement

Naruka Travels, headed by Mr. Surender Singh Naruka, Director, is functioning at G.T.K Road in Delhi since 2001. Being located at a prime location, the company is accessible and visited by business associates and families equally. Ever one has different requirements and expectations from a tempo traveller, and the company ensures to offer